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Why is the Mid-Century Modern Furniture So Popular?

In the last few years, there has been something of an explosion in the popularity of the Mid-Century modern furniture pieces. They are increasingly being used in a somewhat interior decoration craze that is inspired by those vintage designs. More homeowners are opting for the cheap Barcelona chair or an Eames lounge chair to add to their furniture collections. Many of these are pieces which were designed some 50 or 60 years ago but why are they suddenly popular?

If you go to the living rooms of some of those with a unique sense of taste, you will certainly see the unmistakable Eames, Noguchi or Nelson. Many of those opting for these designs had not even been born when the emaes lounge chair came out but they are falling heads over heels for these beautiful mid-century designs. There are numerous websites springing up on the web which are devoted to those who have acquired a passionate taste for the mid-century pieces. In sites such as eBay or Craiglist, it is not uncommon to find some cheap Barcelona chair being sold off for a bargain and people will rush to grab these and add them to their furniture collections. Check out Metro Furniture

But of the recent decorating craze inspired by the mid-century modern furniture is influenced by the baby boomers. These are the kinds of furniture pieces that they grew up with. The 50s and 60s saw a surge in home ownerships and furniture acquisitions. Many of those people are now old and are disposing off their furniture pieces if they are still in excellent condition and in the process bringing to the market one of the beautiful vestiges of that classic era. Of course not many people are going to buy a 60 year old piece of furniture. They want new mid-century furniture pieces such as a cheap Barcelona chair and this is one of the main factors that have renewed the interest and love for these pieces. They help us relieve an iconic age of hope and creative energy shortly after the Second World War.

This is not the only reason, however. Inspired by the principles of Bauhaus and Walter Gropius, the mid-century furniture pieces add a unique kind of elegance and simplicity that is not easy to find in modern furniture pieces.

Reliving the Golden 50s

The 50s were considered something of an iconic age that gave rise to bold new world. It was the age of elegance and minimalism and most of the modern contemporary furniture seems to have only built on that legacy of minimalism in designs. Some people want to go the very root of those modern inspirations and as a result, they embrace mid-century modern furniture pieces.

There is also the aspect of nostalgia. Human beings like to paint a very rosy picture of their past and if that past was one defined by an onrush of creativity, simplicity and elegance, then it is something very likely to recapture the imagination of many modern consumers who are confused by the array of mass produced designs that cost a fortune. In a bid to express their individuality and also acquire something unique, some will invest in unique mid-century furniture pieces that take them to simpler and more elegant times where all that mattered was style and inspiration. For generation that missed out on the roaring 50s and 60s, these pieces are a way for us to relive the past.

The good thing is that you do not have to spend a fortune on reliving that beautiful past. You can mix various stylish furniture pieces and accessories in order to create the perfect mid-century look in your home. For example, you could buy designer table lamps to go with the furniture or emaes lounge chair buy designer clocks to complement the look. It’s all up to your taste. You could make it minimal or you could have a complete midcentury look for your home.

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