Get High quality, bespoke aluminum extrusion for numerous applications

TOSTEM aluminium extrusion are used in numerous applications ranging from housing, building and construction, car radiators and heat sinks, product casing and frames, automotives and in manufacture of pipes. Their light weight, high strength, high aesthetic appeal and excellent heat conductivity makes extrusion parts the best option for most applications. In addition, they resist corrosion and are therefore very durable and give a long service life.

Essential features and characteristics

The parts resulting from the extrusion process are high quality and have superb precision. The extrusion process carefully alters the properties of aluminium and provides special products that are easy to machine, have high strength, have shiny attractive surfaces and are corrosion free. Aluminium has high ductility and this makes it possible to develop tubular structures with high aesthetic appeal coupled with strength and non magnetic properties. In line with this, a wide range of round, square and rectangular hollow pipes, bars and other designs have been produced for building and housing applications.

Customized extrusion process allows the development of highly variable products that range from simple to high complex parts that suit numerous applications. When looking for any building, electronic casing and auto aluminium parts, TOSTEM Thai is the place to visit.

Extruded parts and components applications

Automakers have long struggled to reduce the weight of vehicles so as to reduce emission and increase fuel economy. The customized aluminium extrusion provides a unique blend of strength, surface finish, anti corrosion and low weight which makes them ideal for car parts such as radiators, bumpers, car roof racks, side steps, roof rails, tonneau covers, granges, wiper profiles and decorative car trims.

One imperative quality of aluminium extrudes is high thermal conductivity. This makes it a suitable material for a wide variety of high performance heat sinks and radiators. Most heat sinks are customized to allow easy applications on electronic systems such as computers, television sets and radio systems. The customized product not only acquires the desired shape but meets other functional requirement such as material strength and expected heat loss.

The construction industry is one of the largest users of aluminium extrusion. Hollow profiles such as Square, T, round, angled and U shaped are extensively used to make interior walls, window and door frames, and external glazing frames. In buildings, high quality, shiny and attractive windows and doors, especially sliding type are manufactured from these extrudes. These profiles are elegantly designed to create attractive, stylish and marvelous exterior and interior decors that create a lavish lifestyle. These profiles are safe, durable, water and air proof as well as easy to clean and maintain. Due to standardization, they are easily installed. So, when looking for attractive durable doors, partition walls, windows and other interior décor for an office or residential house, TOSTEM aluminium extrudes are the best option.

Aluminium frames are also extensively applied in developing eye-catching and superb curtain walls for low and high rise buildings. This external cladding gives buildings a modern look besides creating an exceptional high class lifestyle.